Java EE 6 Testing Talk at Harrisburg JUG

On September 16th, I did the Java EE 6 end-to-end testing talk at the Harrisburg JUG. The talk covered doing testing across the Java EE 6 API tiers using Unit, HttpUnit, HtmlUnit, Cactus, Selenium, JSFUnit, Arquillian/ShrinkWrap, Resin, soapUI, etc. It is the same talk I am doing at JavaOne 2010 so it is great preparation!Continue reading “Java EE 6 Testing Talk at Harrisburg JUG”

CDI Talk at San Diego and Silicon Valley Java User Groups

En-route to the Resin marketing/engineering meetings in San Diego/San Francisco, I did my CDI quick tour talk at the San Diego JUG on July 20th and Silicon Valley JUG on July 21st (the same talk I did for TSSJS 2010). Both talks went very well. The San Diego JUG was relatively small but very lively.Continue reading “CDI Talk at San Diego and Silicon Valley Java User Groups”