WebSphere V9 "Traditional" Now Java EE 7 Certified

WebSphere V9 “traditional” has recently been fully Java EE 7 certified. In case you are wondering, this is indeed the much maligned “kitchen sink” monolithic version of WebSphere – as opposed to the far more nimble WebSphere Liberty. Given the very large and loyal customer base IBM has as well as the continued substantial usageContinue reading “WebSphere V9 "Traditional" Now Java EE 7 Certified”

The Philly JUG has a New Logo!

A polished and professional logo is important to the identity of any non-trivial effort. Although Java user groups are community efforts, they are no exception. In fact the largest and most successful JUGs in the world almost invariably have a nice logo. As part of our ongoing revitalization effort, it made total sense to doContinue reading “The Philly JUG has a New Logo!”