These are some of my recent projects outside the day job. Most are related to Java/Jakarta EE. Your interest, feedback or participation is needed and very welcome.

Jakarta EE Ambassadors

The Jakarta EE Ambassadors are an independent grassroots group of people committed to moving Jakarta EE forward through active community participation and advocacy. I am very proud to be a founding member of the Jakarta EE Ambassadors. While the Jakarta EE Ambassadors initiative started it’s life as the Java EE Guardians, it continues to fulfil a vital role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the Java ecosystem. The Jakarta EE Ambassadors help evangelize cloud native Java open standards, encourage participation in the development of Jakarta EE technologies and track progress to make sure the best interests of the community and industry are preserved. The Jakarta EE Ambassadors truly deserve your help and support.

Cargo Tracker

The Eclipse Cargo Tracker project demonstrates how you can develop applications with the Jakarta EE platform using widely adopted architectural best practices like Domain-Driven Design (DDD). The code is intended to mirror a non-trivial application that developers in the real work would work on. The effort is part of the broader Jakarta EE open source family of projects that also include the official Jakarta EE Tutorial and Jakarta EE Examples. I started this project at Oracle and still lead it now that Java EE has been transitioned to the Eclipse Foundation. The project is active and always looking for contributors. There are a number of possible work items listed as GitHub issues.

The Philly JUG

The Philly JUG is one the world’s oldest, largest and most active Java user groups. Operating continuously since 2000, the JUG has been twice recognized by Sun as one of the top Java user groups in the world. Today the JUG continues strong under refreshed collaborative leadership. I am very proud to help lead the Philly JUG. The JUG is always on the lookout for speakers and topics to help keep the local software engineering community engaged and informed.

JakartaOne Livestream

JakartaOne Livestream is a virtual conference to cover all thing Jakarta EE. The conference is entirely free. The inaugural conference took place on September 10th, 2019 – the same date Jakarta EE 8 was released. The conference is highly successful and generates some very unique content not found anywhere else covering the present and future of Jakarta EE. Hopefully there will be many JakartaOne conferences to come. I am very proud to have served as the program chair for the inaugural edition. You can view all the JakartaOne conference content on YouTube.

Let’s help make a difference together.