Speaking at JavaOne 2011!

It’s always exciting to get JavaOne notifications – after all it is still the premier global Java conference! I have five talks this year.

One is a technical session titled “Patterns and Best Practices for CDI” that I’m co-presenting with Ryan Cuprak. It’s a brand new talk so I am very excited that it got accepted. Another is a panel I co-submitted with Arun Gupta titled “CDI Today and Tomorrow”. Arun will be moderating the panel. I, Pete Muir, David Blevins and Sivakumar Thyagarajan will be panelists. I’ll be doing a JMS 2 BOF with spec lead Nigel Deakin and fellow EG member Clebert Suconic. I am a panelist on a talk on the JCP titled “JCP and the Developer Community”. The other folks on the panel are Martijn Verburg from the London Java Community and Heather VanCura from the JCP program. I’ll also be part of a larger panel titled “Java EE 7 – is it all about the cloud?”. My CDI landscape talk from TSSJS 2011 was accepted as an alternative :-(. I also might be part the EJB 3.2 and Java EE 7 BOFs.

I can’t but feel a little bummed that my other “uber cool” talks like the Domain Driven Design with Java EE 6 (brand new), Java EE 6 Portability (brand new), Java EE 6 caching across enterprise application tiers (TSSJS 2011) talks did not get accepted. I was also keeping my fingers crossed hoping that my CanDI talk would be accepted (I did have a Resin 4 talk last year though). All in all, I guess I have little to complain about. I could always do those at another conference or good JUG…

If you are attending JavaOne 2011, please do consider attending one of my sessions. I would love to chat with you in person!

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